We offer a 2 year health guarantee (hips and any other genetic condition) In the unfortunate event of a problem, you will not be required to give the dog back, but we will require proof of the health problem and proof of the dogs alteration. Once we receive this proof we will give you another puppy when one becomes available.day35

This stands for the original purchaser of the dog, and if for any reason you cannot care for your pet, you must give us the option of taking the dog back. Under no circumstance is the dog to be surrendered to a shelter.

We stand behind our Presa Canarios, and offer lifetime support, we encourage all owners to stay in contact with us and keep us posted on the progress of your new companion.


Guarantee / Contract

We stand behind our dogs and our guarantee. In the unfortunate event that your puppy purchased from us develops a genetically derived condition (i.e.; hip displaysia) we will NOT make you give your beloved pet back to us. You will be required to provide proof of the health problem and proof of the dog’s alteration. Once we receive this proof we will give you another puppy of equal or greater value when one becomes available. This guarantee is valid for twenty five months from the date of birth, and only applies to the original puppy and buyer.

 Guarantee is only valid if the following conditions are met:

 *  A licensed veterinarian must examine all dogs sold within 72 hrs. of arriving in buyers possession.

 *  All dogs must be current on vaccinations and dewormings (including heart worm)

 *  Buyer must maintain puppy in good health and provide routine preventative health care with a licensed  veterinarian. (please refer to the “Raising your puppy” section of our website)

 *  All dogs sold with full registration must carry the Midgard name on all paperwork.

 *  In the event of hip dysplasia, examination must be done by the age of 25 months. A copy of OFA or PennHIP certifications must be forwarded to seller. Seller reserves the right to require a second set of films be taken and sent in to OFA for a second opinion. NOTE : If you use OFA to certify hips, do NOT initial the box that allows them to make public any results, passing or failing.  Please do not make public negative health or temperament testing  results before consulting the seller. Doing so will void your guarantee.

 *  All dogs sold as pets come with limited registration. No dogs sold as pets shall be bred.  We recommend spaying / neutering being done at 24 mo. of age to ensure proper growth and development.

 *  Any dog sold as breeding / show / working potential,  comes with full registration and breeding rights. Dog must be certified free of hip  dysplasia (and any other genetic condition) and of the following minimum ages before being bred – males 15 mo. / females 2 yrs. or third heat (which ever comes first).


 *  Buyer is responsible for any shipping or miscellaneous charges associated with transport of replacement puppy.

 *  Should buyer choose to relinquish ownership of original puppy to seller, buyer will pay the cost of shipping and miscellaneous charges necessary for return transport of puppy to seller.

 *  Buyer will not sell or give puppy away without first giving seller Right of First Refusal. Under no circumstances is puppy/dog to be surrendered to a shelter or rescue group.

 *  If it is reported and confirmed that puppy is being abused or neglected by purchaser, rights and ownership of puppy will terminate and revert back to seller, who may immediately assume possession. Buyer will be responsible for any and all legal costs involved in repossession.

 *  Seller is not responsible for temperament or physical problems resulting from the buyers action.