Tips on Finding A Responsible Presa Canario Breeder

Although the “right” answers are listed, don’t instantly give up if you get the “wrong” answer. Nevada and Zoltan

You want these to be yes

Were the puppies born on the premises?

Does the breeder insist that the puppies be at least seven weeks before being placed?

Did the breeder seem happy that you are asking questions?

Did the breeder ask you lots of questions? Questions about your lifestyle, family, experience with dogs and other pets, why you wanted a dog? Did you feel a bit like you were applying for a million dollar mortgage?

Did the breeder ask you whether you planned on breeding?

Will the breeder be available to offer advice and support for as long as you have the dog?

Does the breeder make you feel comfortable calling for advice

Did the breeder go over some of the problems some people have with the breed?

Is the breeder a member of a breed club? (An organization sharing information on the breed)

Were both sire and dam tested for any genetic health problems before the breeding?

Does the breeder have information on the health testing of most of the immediate relatives of the sire and dam?

Did the breeder volunteer information on the health testing, and volunteer proof?

Does the breeder offer a guarantee against genetic health problems?

Did the breeder explain that a guarantee is not a promise that a genetic health problem won’t occur, but a promise about what will happen if it does?

Is the guarantee at least two years long?

Does the guarantee allow you to keep the dog?

Have the puppies been introduced to children? To other animals?

Is the breeder concerned enough about the welfare of the dog to promise to take it back (no matter how old) if you can’t keep it? (Not necessarily pay you, the purpose is to avoid the shelter, ensure good placement)

Does the breeder believe it is important to keep in contact with puppy buyers to verify the level of success in producing a healthy dog of correct temperament?

Does the breeder intend to follow up on the dog as it matures and ages?

Does the breeder consider himself or herself a dedicated hobbyist to the breed?

If the breeder advertises do they focus on the important qualities such as health and temperament.

You want these to be no

Did the breeder state or imply that puppies would be arriving from off premises? (e.g. shipped in soon)

Will the breeder agree to sell a puppy less than 7 weeks old?

Was the breeder reluctant to answer questions?

Did the breeder seem to be defensive in answering questions?

Did the breeder claim that his or her lines were entirely free of genetic health problems

Do you feel pressured into buying a puppy? Do you feel like the breeder is trying to “sell” the puppy (as in persuading you to buy)?

Does the breeder promote the puppies as gifts or offer some special incentive in price to encourage a sale?

Does the breeder have more than two breeds available?

Does the breeder consider himself or herself to be a professional in the business of breeding? That is “professional” in the sense of making money, profit, or income to be distinguished from “professional” in the sense of serious, dedicated and knowledgeable..

Does the breeder charge different prices depending upon the sex of the puppy?

If the breeder advertises do they seem to focus on superficial qualities like color or size while ignoring health testing?

Does the guarantee require the dog die or be euthanized because of the health problem?

Does the health guarantee require that you return the puppy?